The actionable feedback repository

Complement Linear with a user feedback repository built to close the feedback loop, a beautiful changelog that writes itself, and a customizable public roadmap.

Showcase of various features

Linear @linear

The list of great tools built on top of Linear grows! Congrats to @productlane_ on your launch. πŸŽ‰

Viktor Atterlonn Co-founder at Cevoid

Had the pleasure to try @productlane_ and I've been loving it so far. Amazing product!

Jack Lancester Co-founder at Spoke

Really enjoying using @productlane_ so far! Simple but powerful and fits into our workflow perfectly to make sure that we store and categorize user feedback efficiently. Great work @raphael_167 πŸ‘πŸ»

Karri Saarinen Co-founder at Linear

Really cool see the tools other folks build on top of the @linear API. @raphael_167 has been one of the early users on Linear and quit his job to focus on this idea to make user insights better and more transparent.

Yassine Zeriouh Founder at Testkit

We're using Productlane at Testkit and it's absolutely awesome! It automates a lot of boring tasks and it saves a lot of time!

Jake Lisby Co-founder at Buzz

I can attest to the Productlane product. It’s really great and they have been cranking out solid updates regularly.

User Feedback

Store and follow up
on user feedback

Your new place for notes from user interviews, sales calls, chats, and anything else not covered by Linears integrations. Link user feedback with Linear projects and issues to make them appear in your inbox when they're done. Close the feedback loop and make your users feel heard.


A changelog built
to tell stories

When you mark a project done in Linear, a beautiful changelog draft is already waiting for you in Productlane. With the click of a button, you can fill the draft with issues you completed since the last changelog, categorized by labels. Use a built-in image editor to add background gradients, paddings and rounded borders.-> View our changelog

Public Roadmap

Align your team
and users

Make your Linear roadmap public for your users or just share it with your team to let everyone help prioritizing. Add your own domain and customize the colors of the roadmap in both light and dark mode. New projects are in a draft state, from where you can decide if you want to hide or show them on your roadmap.-> View our roadmap

For next-generation companies

Exclusively for Linear

Sign into Productlane with your Linear account. No extra login required.

Beautiful and customizable

Adjust the theme on your changelog and public roadmap to fit your brand.

Dark Mode

Make your users feel right at home with dark mode for your roadmap and changelog.

⌘ + K

Fly through your inbox and connect issues and projects with a few keystrokes.

It's fast

No load times. Nothing that stands in your way to becoming more user-centric.

Personal Touch

The first tool built to get back to your users personally. No automated mailings.

Showcase of the issue linker in dark mode

Time to get started.

Align your team around the roadmap, prioritize with real user feedback and delight your customers. Get started today.